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Agritechnica and how
future will be digitized.

Since 1985, Agritechnica has been the world’s foremost event for brand new concepts in agriculture. This year, a staggering 2900 exhibitors from 52 countries will showcase their latest work. So, if you’re in possession of a ticket to this year’s event in Hanover, Germany – you’re in for a treat. Thousands of them, in fact. After all, it’s where innovation matters.

Forward-looking technologies and developing trends is in focus this year and Quicke will be amongst the world’s visionaries on display. As the company that introduced the world’s first ever digital front loader, we view Agritechnica as the inspiration to take our customers into the future.

Since the movement towards digitization in agriculture is gaining momentum, we’re excited to play our part. Already, we’re making our front loaders smarter. Using intelligent technology to develop our driver support system, Q-Companion, you can now have full control and optimize the work your loader’s doing. Our latest series of front loaders also offer better visibility and smoother handling for an enhanced work flow. We’ve bolstered our implements to not only complement your front loader with the best, but to also enable smoother implement changes. All this is just the beginning and it’s all in service of letting you work smarter – not harder.

Come find Quicke in hall 6, one of the 23 halls covering the entire world of agricultural machinery.